#2 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: The Real Reason Santa Doesn’t Visit

 Ms. Fairbanks School for Young Penguins

Class: Geography

Assignment: Research Where You Live and Describe What is Special About It – Write a Report

Due date: December 1 (No exceptions)

Sources: Include at least 3 sources

My Essay on the South Pole, also known as Antarctica, by Chill Boo

I live at the South Pole, also known as Antarctica. The South Pole is special because it is the ONLY place on Earth that Santa Claus DOES NOT visit. For this research paper, I talked to a penguin (my dad), a husky and a seal. I now know why Santa doesn’t come here. I wish I lived somewhere else.

My interview with Dad, North Boo

North in Antarctica
Beanie Boo North, the Penguin, Standing in Antarctica

Me: Dad, what is it about the South Pole that keeps Santa Claus from visiting?

Dad: Antarctica penguins have been asking this question for years. Nobody knows. But I think it’s because of the cold. The South Pole is the coldest place on the planet. Yeah – we love this weather, but most creatures don’t. I believe that Santa’s reindeer cannot survive in our cold weather and that’s why he skips us.

Me: You really think our cold weather is to blame, dad?

Dad: Yes. The warmest temperatures on Antarctica are about -10 degrees celsius (that’s about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). But it can get as cold as -89 degrees Celsius (-128 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s too cold for most Earthly creatures.

Me: Thanks, Dad. I’ll include this in my report.

My interview with a Husky, Slush Boo

Slush standing on an ice berg at the south pole
Slush standing on an ice berg at the south pole

Me: Hi, Slush.

Slush: Hi, Chill. What’s up?

Me: I’m working on a report for school about Antarctica. Since you’re not from here maybe you can tell me a little about what you think makes this place different and why Santa Claus skips us.

Slush: Sure thing, Chill. Mind if we step into your igloo? I’m freezing.

Me: Ok.

Slush: That’s much better. Ok. Yep. Have anything to eat in here? Dog biscuits? Bones?

Me: No, Slush.

Slush: Ok, fine. You know, Chill, I’m just a visitor here. Something I think is pretty crazy about this place is how you have summer in the winter and winter in the summer.

Me: What do you mean?

Slush: I mean, when it is winter up north, it’s summer down here. And when it’s summer up north, it’s winter down here.

Me: Yeah, that’s true. We have winter from June until September. Summer is October until May.

Slush: That’s probably why Santa Claus doesn’t come here. He’s completely confused about the seasons!

Me: Good point, Slush. Thanks.

My interview with a Seal, Icy Boo

Icy the Seal Beanie Boo
Icy the Seal Beanie Boo

Me: Hi, Icy.

Icy: Hi, Chill. Catching some good fish today?

Me: Yep. Hey, Icy, I’m doing a report on Antarctica and I need 3 sources. Are you available?

Icy: Anything for you, Chill.

Me: So do you know what makes Antarctica special? Why does Santa Claus stay away? My dad says the reindeer can’t survive in the cold temperatures down here and Slush says it’s because we have summer in December. Which one is true?

Icy: Neither, Chill. Your dad and Slush are wrong. I can tell you EXACTLY why Santa Claus skips the South Pole.

Me: Why?

Icy: Have you read this poem: The Night Before Christmas?

Me: Of course I have. I have it practically memorized. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

Icy: Yeah, yeah, you got it. And how does it end?

Me: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-night.

Icy: Yeah, yeah – Chill. You got it. You got it!

Me: What?

Icy: A good night. A good night!

(At this point, Icy was leaping out of the water)

Me: I don’t get it. What are you trying to tell me.

Icy: What’s the one thing we DON’T have in December at the South Pole?

Me: Night? Night!

Icy: You got it! It’s sunny 24 hours a day during the Christmas season and everybody knows that Santa Claus ONLY comes during the night. That’s why he doesn’t come. And I’m sorry to say this, Chill, but there’s not much we can do about it.

Me: You’re right! Everybody knows that Santa Claus visits at NIGHT.  You solved the mystery, Icy! But now I’m more sad than ever. This problem can’t be fixed!

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