#4 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: Missing Penguin!

Missing Penguins: Chill Boo and Icy Boo

Last Seen: Northern shores of Antarctica – Snowtopia Hills Neighborhood

Description: Chill Boo is a black and white Emperor penguin, with a red sweater and a green belt. Icy Boo is a white seal without clothing. Both juveniles are 3.5 inches high with large sparkly blue eyes. The missing children are not dangerous and should be handled with care once found. They are in search of Santa Claus, though running away from home will probably land them on Santa’s naughty list.

Direction Headed: North

Report Details:

Two young Beanie Boos, Chill and Icy, have begun a dangerous journey north to the Southern tip of Argentina. They are swimming.

Dangers: Chill and Icy face the following risks:

  • Being eaten by a predator
  • Getting lost – the journey is 1000 miles long
  • Stormy waters – the young penguins could find themselves in the middle of an ocean storm, tired from days of swimming, and hungry.

Rescue plan: We are sending out a search party of penguins, dolphins and friendly seals to find Chill and Icy before it is too late. Here is the rescue plan:

  • 3 teams of penguins will go out on boats
  • We will work with our dolphin and whale friends to keep their eyes and ears open for our missing children. We will ask them to transmit any sightings back to our base by sonar.
  • We will send out a team of flying birds to get an arial view of the waters in the direction of Argentina.

Beanie Boo Christmas Story

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Check Back on Christmas Eve for the Final Chapter of A Beanie Boo Christmas

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