#5 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: Lost at Sea

Travel Diary Entry

Date: December 23

Author: by Chill Boo.

Hi guys.

Icy and I have been swimming for two days.

We’re tired. We’re hungry. And… we’re lost!

We’re not sure if we’re swimming North or East or West or even South, back to Antarctica.

We can’t navigate using the sun because it barely moves this time of year. And we can’t navigate by the stars, because it’s never dark!

The schools of fish we thought we’d be feasting on along the way have disappeared and there are no whales to ask for directions.

Swimming 1000 miles from home doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

What should we do?

We’d turn back if we knew which way back was.

We’re scared. We should have stayed at home. At least we’d have food, and family and friends for Christmas.

Icy, anything you want to add?

Icy: I miss my mommy!!!

Me too, Icy. Me too.

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