#6 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: Alpine’s Flight Report #267

Reindeer Flight Report #267

Filed by: Alpine Boo

Date: December 23

Location: 500 miles south of Ushuaia, Argentina


South America review flights were completed. All is clear for Santa’s sleigh tomorrow.

Spotted two arctic animals, a penguin and seal, in the middle of the Southern Ocean.

They told me they were on their way to Argentina. I decided to give them a ride on my back.

They told me they wanted to meet Santa Claus tomorrow.

I said, “How do you know you are on the nice list?”

They said they were the nicest animals you could find.

I radioed back to the North Pole just to check.

I received feedback they’d been put on the naughty list for running away from home.

They were not happy with my information. I told them I was sorry.

I dropped them off in Argentina.

I’ll start my flight to the North Pole tonight and should be in time to pack the sleigh.

Over and out.

-Alpine, Reindeer Review Flight Team

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