#7 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: Chill and Icy on the Naughty List

Chill: This is the worst day of my life. We swim halfway to Argentina, get rescued by a reindeer, end up on an empty beach… all for nothing! We’re on the naughty list! That means no Santa, no presents, nothing!

Icy: Coal. We get coal.

Chill: What are we going to do with that?

Icy: Good point. Chill, I’m hungry.

Chill: All you think about is food, Icy.

Icy: I can’t help it.

Chill: Now we have to figure out how to get home.

Icy: Let’s figure that out tomorrow. I need some food and a good night’s sleep.

Chill: Me too.

Icy: I’m going fishing, you find some place for us to sleep tonight.

Chill: O.k. Meet me back here in an hour. And bring me some fish.

Icy: Ok.

Icy went out to sea and Chill started walking up the coast. He saw a grey Penguin and a baby playing in the distance.

Chill waddled closer hoping they would speak the same language as his South Pole friends.

“Hello, my name is Chill.”

The mother looked at him, confused.

“Chill Boo. I’m visiting from Antarctica.”

Her eyes grew big as she listened.

“Do you speak… Penguin?” he asked.

She smiled, “Of course I do. My name is Paddles. My grandparents emigrated from your part of the world many years ago. I haven’t heard your accent in a long time. What are you doing so far from home?”

“It’s a long story. Me and my friend are looking for a place to stay tonight. Do you know of any hotels around here?” Chill asked.

“It’s Christmas Eve, buddy, I don’t think you’ll find an empty room tonight,” she answered.

While they were talking, Paddle’s baby splashed in the waves on the beach.

Suddenly, a large wave came along and swept her away.

“My baby! My baby!” Paddles screamed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find her.” Chill said, and at once he dove into the ocean. Using his incredible underwater vision and quick swimming, he darted around near the shore, spotted the young Penguin and grabbed her with his beak.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Paddles. “You saved my baby’s life.”

“It’s no big deal. Merry Christmas,” Chill said.

“Will you consider spending Christmas with me?” Paddles said.

Chill smiled. “Yes!”

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      Do u have a beanie boo named Quinn?

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    Wow that story is great everyone plz read the Kiki answers your questions it’s really good😃.


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