#7 – Beanie Boo Easter Story: Back at Easter Village

Harriet and I rode back to Easter village as fast as Harriet’s legs could take us.

When we got back, we could see the Easter bunny holding a meeting with the Jelly Bean producers, no doubt talking about how to turn jelly beans into bunnies, chicks and eggs.

“We found the chocolate,” I shouted from Harriet’s back. “We found it!”

Everyone turned and looked. The Easter Bunny’s ears shot straight up. We caught his attention.

I hopped off Harriet’s back and walked straight up to him. “It’s in a crater, on the north side of the island. Hopson Sr. took it to carve the world’s largest bunny statue. It stands very, very tall. All the chocolate is there.”

All of the rabbits were in shock, except for Petunia, jelly bean factory director. She fell to the ground and shouted, “I admit it! I helped Hopson Sr. move the chocolate. We rolled it on jelly beans to the crater. We were tired of being second to chocolate. This was going to be the year of the jelly bean! Finally!”

We were all in shock. Speechless. Hop-less. Nothing like this had every happened before in our peaceful community.

“Petunia: Can you roll the chocolate rabbit back to the carving workshop? There’s still a chance to save Easter?”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Carrots, thanks for your hard work. You are a great investigator. We’re going to need someone like you on our team in the future. Go home and tell your mother to assemble the carvers. We’ll have to work all night, but with everyone’s help, we should have enough chocolate rabbits by dawn. This horse has helped you, Carrots. We shall honor her by carving horses this year as well.”

Harriet blushed and whinnied. “I’ve never been honored like that before,” she said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I may not be a blue ribbon pony, but now I’ll be the first ever Easter pony.”

Harriet gave me a lift home where I told the story to my Mom and Dad. I was relieved that nobody blamed me for the missing chocolate – and that we were all going to carve the chocolate back into easter basket treats. But I was still really upset with Hopson, his dad and Petunia – for a lot of reasons. They stole the world’s Easter chocolate and got me in big trouble. And then there was the situation with the Moai. For as long as I can remember, the Moai have been here. I can’t imagine an Easter Island without them.

I took my concerns to the Easter Bunny.

“Carrots, we will find a way for those who committed crimes to repay our community. That’s my job. Don’t worry about that. As for the Moai Statues – you are right. They are part of the heritage of Easter Island. Just like us, and the horses, and the trees and craters and stories we pass from parents to children.”

He then went on to tell me that I would be a great chocolate carver, especially if I worked hard and learned from my Mom. Our job is to bring joy to the children of the world, to deliver sweet treats and beautiful baskets and open the world’s eyes up to the beauty of springtime. He told me that carving small chocolate rabbits is just as grand as carving the world’s largest chocolate rabbit.

Hopson’s Dad was sent to art school in France, and taught how to carve from stone, marble and clay. Since returning, he’s been working with a team of archeologists to maintain and restore the Moai statues around Easter Island. Petunia was sent off to Jelly Belly, a factory somewhere in the United States where should can pour all of her enthusiasm into making jelly beans and jelly bean treats year round. My dad now runs the jelly bean factory at Easter Village.

And Hopson is now working right alongside me in carving class. We’ve come up with some pretty cool designs for Easter chocolate.

We’ve put the great chocolate mystery behind us and we’re all hopping toward a bright future.


We hope you enjoyed the latest Beanie Boo story series.

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