#9 – Beanie Boo Christmas Story: Night

The sky was dark. Very dark.

Beanie Boos across the world lay in their beds, waiting, and listening: is that Santa on the roof? Is he here? If I get out of bed, will he disappear? They slept with one eye open, dreaming of presents and stockings filled with chocolate.

That is all the Beanie Boos but Chill and Icy, who did not spend their night listening for reindeer bells. They slept the deep sleep of hopelessness: the deep sleep of those on the naughty list. Christmas Eve is just a night like any other night.

They slept so deeply that they did not notice the team of reindeer paws on the roof.

They did not hear Santa’s red coat scratch against the fireplace walls.

They did not wake when heavy black boots stomped around the Christmas tree, or when presents thudded to the floor.

They did not hear Santa filling up the stockings by the chimney to see if theirs would be filled. Olive added 2 extra socks (just in case) before going to sleep.

They did not hear Santa hastily eat the Christmas cookies laid out by Olive.

Nor did they hear him fly back up the chimney and command his reindeers on to the next house: On Prancer, on Dancer, On Donner, On Vixen…

They slept the sleep of tired boys who had been swimming for days and had just eaten a hearty meal.

They slept the sleep of the guilty, knowing they would be punished by their parents for running away when they finally got home.

As far as Chill and Icy were concerned, they could sleep straight through Christmas to December 27th and pretend this whole grand adventure had never taken place.

Will Chill and Icy find anything for them under the tree? Will they find a way to get home? Find out when we post the final chapter on Christmas Eve.

Beanie Boo Christmas Story

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Check Back on Christmas Eve for the Final Chapter of A Beanie Boo Christmas


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