Welcome to Our Website

Hi, my name is Wishful, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Beanie Boo Fan Club website. I’m so happy you found this page. I hope you enjoy reading about Beanie Boos. We are animals of many species, with big, sparkly eyes. We’re all friends with each other and we love sharing our news and stories from around the world

A Message to Beanie Boo Readers

If you’re a Beanie Boo and you’re reading this, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us your pictures and stories about your home, your friends and your adventures.

Meet the Team: Safari and Pepper (Keychain)

Our Team Safari and Pepper, keychain

Safari: Programmer and Photographer

Safari, the giraffe, programs the website and takes all the pictures. Safari has been improving her photography skills since her early days as a wildlife photographer. She’s been studying website programming in an afterschool program and is the only Beanie Boo who understands how to use a computer.

Pepper, English Language Editor

Pepper, the small black and white keychain cat, is responsible for fixing spelling mistakes and improving the quality of the writing. She’s planning on becoming an English teacher when she grows up. She also speaks fluent Meow.

Our Mission Statement

Have more fun.