Announcement: Gatsby & Fetch – Our YouTube Video Critics

We at Beanie Boo Fan Club are very happy to announce that two puppies, Gatsby and Fetch, are joining our website team as our official video reviewers.

That’s right – Gatsby and Fetch will be watching all of your favorite YouTube videos and giving you their opinions. Here is the rating system that they came up with:

5 Barks = Amazing video

4 Barks = Better than average

3 Barks = Average

2 Barks = This video needs work

1 Bark = Run away – this video is no good!

Here are Gatsby and Fetch with their first exclusive Beanie Boo Fan Club YouTube video review.

Gatsby and Fetch Review Videos

Hi, guys, it’s me Fetch. I’m so excited about being a video reviewer. Gatsby and I have love watching YouTube videos together and critiquing them. The only problem is we never agree on anything!

For our first review, we choose this video: Visiting London by acclaimed Beanie Boo Video Producer, Cutie Juliet

Gatsby: The biggest problem I had with this video were the cats. Why cats? Dogs should have been the stars.

Fetch: Gatsby! Dogs can’t be the star of every Beanie Boo video. I thought that Dazzle and Fiona did a fantastic job as mother and daughter.

Gatsby: That was another problem for me. Fiona doesn’t look old enough to be Dazzle’s mom!

Fetch: Gatsby, seriously? It’s called acting! Don’t you have anything nice to say about this video?

Gatsby: I thought the London Bridge music in the background was GENIUS!

Fetch: Yeah! Me too. And the joke at the end was hilarious. What a cutie little London is.

Gatsby: I agree, London is adorable – a dog, I should mention.

Fetch: We know, Fetch. We know that London is a dog. So, how many barks?

Gatsby: I give it 3 barks.

Fetch: For me, 5 barks.

We hope you enjoyed our first video review. Check back often for more.

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