Beanie Boo Halloween Story, Part One: Happy Times

Quinn and Lola were lucky. They lived in a bright and sunny bedroom for as long as they could remember. More nights than not, they’d been invited into the bed and hug space of Sophia, their faithful owner.

Sophia was a sweet, kind child who loved Beanie Boos above all other stuffed animals. She made clothing for her Boos. She took them on trips. She held tea parties for them and celebrated their birthdays. When they were dirty, they were washed. When their eyes got scratched, she polished them.

And best of all, she left them out in her room, so they never had to suffer the discomfort and indignity of a dark and crowded toy bin.

They were loved.

But then one day, everything changed.

It happened in an instant.

Sophia was in middle school now. She and her mom were redecorating her room to make it “more grown up.” Quinn and Lola were excited to see the new paint colors and bedspread. They never would. Her mom came in one day while she was at school and rounded up all the toys, including Quinn and Lola, into cardboard box labelled “donation.”

How could this be, they thought? We’re not garage sale or donation toys.  We’re special.

They were sure that Sophia would rescue them as soon as she came home from school. They waited. And waited. And waited.

But on the way to school, the biggest tragedy of their Beanie Boo lives happened. They were dropped off at a re-sale shop. That’s it. It’s over. We’ll never see Sophia again.

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