Beanie Boo Video Review: Better When I’m Dancing by CoCo Crazy

Fetch and Gatsby here with another Beanie Boo video review. This time we’re looking at Better When I’m Dancing by CoCo Crazy. Check it out:

Fetch: Let me start out by saying, THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING!!!

Gatsby: The video stars the giraffe Darci, and features an opening dance with Rocco the racoon and Sydney the leopard. I love the way their tails wag.

Fetch: I love how the Beanie Boos dance on their own without human hands!! Finally proof that of what we do when our humans are away!

Gatsby: That’s called Stop Motion Animation. Co Co Crazy is actually moving her Beanie Boos and taking pictures of them after each movement. It’s really hard work!

Fetch: The tail wagging is great! I also love the costumes.

Gatsby: Oh, the costumes are wonderful! Especially the flower crown that dances on its own!

Fetch: CoCo Crazy uses the white board in the background in really fun ways.

Gatsby: I love the way the Beanie Boos roll along the ground, in sync with each other – and how they dance in formation, with Darci on top.

Fetch: The Beanie Boo parade is cute and the Boo pyramid… how did she come up with these ideas?

Gatsby: I loved Darci’s solo in the middle and especially the part where the balloon floats up on the white board. This video makes me wish their was a Beanie Boo version of America’s Got Talent. I think this producer could do amazing things on a show like that.

Fetch: Adding in the McDonald’s Happy Meal Beanie Boos was a nice touch.

Gatsby: Oh, yeah. I loved that.

Fetch: The colors of the Beanie Boo fur were so bright in this video. Gatsby, any idea how she did that?

Gatsby: I would guess it’s her lighting or an effect in her editing software. We’ll try to set up an interview with her to see if she’ll share any of her secrets.

Fetch: After watching this video, I had to go back and watch all her other videos. She’s a really talented Beanie Boo video producer. This is her best work yet.

Gatsby: I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Fetch: Me too. 5 Barks for me on this video. Couldn’t have been better.

Gatsby: I agree, 5 Barks all the way. Put your paws up and dance while you watch Better While I’m Dancing by CoCo Crazy.

One thought on “Beanie Boo Video Review: Better When I’m Dancing by CoCo Crazy

  • August 10, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!!! It’s always nice to get feedback on videos, and I’ll be sure to do another stop motion soon!!! But seriously, Thanks!!! 😀


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