Beanie Boo Video Review: Grounded by Beanie Boo Studios

Today we’re reviewing the Beanie Boo video Grounded, by Beanie Boo Studios.

Fetch: Have a look at this stop-motion animation video on Youtube:

Gatsby: First of all, we want to talk about the sets. The sets are fantastic. We know better than anyone that it is hard to find furniture sized properly for Beanie Boos. Dollhouse furniture is way too small. Build-a-Bear stuff is too big. It looks like Beanie Boo Studio producers made some of their set pieces and they look really, really good.

Fetch: Yeah! I agree. Can you guys start a furniture company for Beanie Boos? We could really use some more furniture options!

Gatsby: Also, we love the small beanie-boo sized electronics – the iPhone and iMac.

Fetch: Nice to see unicorns cast in a production, but a dog or too would have been nice.

Gatsby: Not every video has to feature dogs!

Fetch: Ok, ok. Well, Pegasus, Treasure, Fantasia, Wishful – inspired performances. Who knew unicorns would make such great actresses.

Gatsby: We should add that these videos are very funny.

Fetch: I loved it when Sugar Pie was hanging out in Pegasus’s room, without Pegasus noticing her and then she said, “I’ve been here for hours!”

Gatsby: Oh yeah, that was hilarious!

Fetch: These unicorns really capture the sister dynamic! The way the unicorns rumble on the bed – great stunt work Beanie Boos! Hope nobody got hurt in the making of this video.

Gatsby: Yep!

Fetch: I’m giving this one 5 barks!

Gatsby: 5 Barks from me too, based on: Sets, Acting, Humor, Stop-Motion animation, and the opening segment gets a bark as well. There were dogs in the opening segment. 🙂


Fetch: Keep up the good work, Beanie Boo Studios. We can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

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