Beanie Boo Birthday Chart: A Complete List with Pictures

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This Beanie Boos Birthday Chart includes a birthday list with pictures of Beanie Boos, their names and birthdays. Click on the month of your Beanie Boo's birthday to see the birthdate and a photo of your favorite Boo.

Note: This TY Beanie Boos Birthdays list is updated every month to include the new releases.

January Beanie Boos Birthdays

Butter, Casanova, Chillz, Dandelion, Duchess, Flippy, Glamour, Igloo, Kipper, Merlin, Midnight, Muffin, North, Ollie, Pierre, Peanut, Princess, Sami, Sapphire, Scoop, Scraps, Sophie, Spotty, Schweetheart, Tasha, Treasure, Willow, Wild

February Beanie Boos Birthdays

Aqua, Arsentiy, Boris, Carrots, Charming, Cookie, Clover, Darla, Darlin, Darling, Echo, Fluffy, Honey Bun, Gilda, Ice Cube, Icy, Julep, Kacey, Junglelove, Leyla, Mandy, Nibbles, Olga, Pashun, Petunia, Pellie, Posy, Rocco, Roxie, Scooter, Shelby, Sherbet, Stripes, Sugar, Sweetly, Tauri, Tender, Tuffy, Valentina

March Beanie Boos Birthdays

Brutus, Cara, Charming, Duckling, Georgia, Goldie, Flips, Holly, Hopson, Inky, Jewel, Maddie, Otis, Peanut, Pippie, Piggly, Richie, Specks, Sugar Pie, Sweetkins, Tess, Tillie, Whiskers

April Beanie Boos Birthdays

Babs, Bloom, Blossom, Bubby, Buzby, Cancun, Cashmere, Charlotte, Chloe, Corky, Cutie Pie, Darci, Flora, Grapes, Gypsy, Izabella, Lavender, Lola, Nadya, Nona, Orchid, Paddles, Piper, Razberry, Smitten, Spike, Sushi, Woody, Zoey

May Beanie Boos Birthdays

Austin, Avril, Cuddly Bear, Duke, Fantasia, Feathers, Fluffy, Glamour, Isla, Lala, Lindi, Lucy, Myrtle, Neptune, Patsey, Pixy, Pokey, Rebel, Rainbow, Sandy, Skylar, Slick, Speckles, Spirit, Squeakers, Sweetie Pie, Tamoo, Twinkle, Waddles, Zippy

June Beanie Boos Birthdays

Scout, Tank, Chester, Oscar, Puzzle, Orange, Romeo, Willy, Halo, Zwippy, Dakota, Yago

July Beanie Boos Birthdays

Firecracker, Juliet, Tomato, Nanook, Maple, Iceberg, Valor, Stars, Opal, Owliver, Larry, Grimm, Rusty, Spike, Nacho, London, Bubblegum, Sky High, Gatsby, Roxy, Coconut, Barks, Bandit, Spells

August Beanie Boos Birthdays

Treats, Cookie, Razor, Maxine, Glider, Rosey, Olga, Surf, Bongo, Bananas, Joey, Pinky, Bugsy, Rainbow, Bongo, Slow Poke, Slow Poke, Precious, Sahara, Cora, Zazzy, Fetch, Gilbert, Ruby, Yumi, Barley, Ellie, Fiona

September Beanie Boos Birthdays

Brutus, Franki, Harmonie, Zinger, Twigs, Lovey, Igor, Mrs, Thunder, Swoops, Audrey, Laguna, Magic, Crawly, Pugsly, Zelda

October Beanie Boos Birthdays

Tiggs, Cinder, Baron, Tala, Scarem, Gumdrop, Diva, Speedy, Splash, George, Tricks, Tusk, Marty, Haunt, Spooky, Igor, Moonlight

November Beanie Boos Birthdays

Aria, Beaks, Creeper, Blueberry, Dreamer, Gobbler, Gobbles, Freeze, Leona, Lollipop, Mask, Patty, Pegasus, Penelope, Pipper, Rainbow, Reagan, Rosie, Skylar, Sparkles, Speckles, Sydney, Tangerine, Thankful, Trixie, Wishful, Zuri

December Beanie Boos Birthdays

Alpine, Candie Cane, Comet, Dixie, Dougie, Fairbanks, Frost, Harriet, Honey, Icicles, LeeAnn, Mac, Presents, Romeo, Rootbeer, Scoops, Shamu, Tabitha, Tinsel, Tracey,

Beanie Boos Without Birthdays

Did you know that there are several Beanie Boos with no birthdays? That's right. When Beanie Boos were first invented, they were sold with tags that did not include birthday information. Since these Beanie Boos are all early models and have been retired, chances are you don't have any of them. Here's the list of Beanie Boos without birthdays: Bubblegum (Koala Bear), Kooky, Bananas, Kiwi, Bamboo, Bubblegum (Lemur), Cleo.

For more information about your favorite Beanie Boos, such as tag phrase, release data and retired date, visit our Beanie Boo List.

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Choose a Birthday for Your Favorite Beanie Boo

If there is no Beanie Boo that shares your birthday, we recommend using our Beanie Boo Birth Certificate to choose another birthday to your favorite Beanie Boo.