Cashmere | April 29

Where Can I Buy Cashmere?


Cashmere is retired. You cannot buy her in stores anymore.


Do searches for Cashmere online. You may be able to find her on eBay, or Craigslist.

You can buy Cashmere on


Youtube Video about Cashmere

Physical Description

Cashmere is an all-white cat with pink eyes and pink ears.


April 29

Tag Phrase

I’m a special cat with fancy fur,
And if I’m happy I sometimes purr!

Available Sizes

There were 4 versions of Cashmere sold, all retired now:

  • 6.25 inches(36054)
  • 9.5 inches (product number: 36954)
  • United Kingdom Edition: 6.25 inches with a red “I Love You” collar (36054)
  • Keychain/clip version (36544)

When was Cashmere First Released?

Cashmere was first released in July of 2011.

Cashmere was retired in May of 2013.