Fiona Cat | August 31

Where Can I Buy Fiona?


Fiona is a Justice Exclusive. You can buy her at Justice for Girls stores.


You can buy Fiona on


Youtube videos featuring Fiona

Physical Description

Fiona is a pink, blue and white chimera cat with pink eyes and ears.


Fiona's birthday is August 31.

Tag Phrase

I chased a mouse down from the willow,
Then he crawled under my pillow!

Available Sizes

  • 5.25 inches (product number: 41129)
  • 9 inches (product number: 41130)
  • 17 inches (product number: 41131)
  • Keychain/clip (product number: 41128)

When was Fiona First Released?

Fiona was released in July of 2014.