Our Favorite Beanie Boo Videos on YouTube

We love videos that star Beanie Boos! Here are our top favorite Beanie Boo videos available on YouTube:

Mr. Banana is Bananas!

This video is SO funny. Banana does a brilliant acting job. And Speckles, who plays the waiter, displays great comedic timing. The food choices are hilarious. We also really like the music.

All I Want is Some Ketchup

In this work of comedic genius, Raspberry the monkey is having a normal day where she’s trying to find the ketchup. Everyone who has ever searched the cabinet for food should be able to relate to this video. Blueberry plays the mom brilliantly. The food is really cute. Other cast members include: Pepper, Muffin, and Moonlight.

A Friend for Surf

This Beanie Boo video stars the wonderful pink dolphin, Surf. We won’t ruin the surprise for you but the ending is hilarious. Co-starring Pinky the Owl.

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