Fetch and Gatsby Review Goonie Show Music Video: Cups

Fetch: Hi Beanie Boo Fan Club! You may be wondering why we’ve waited this long to review a Goonie Show video. Well, we don’t have a good excuse. Like all of you, we are major fans of the Goonie Show.

Gatsby: We were waiting for her to come up with a celebration of dogs video, but that hasn’t happened yet. So, yeah, we picked the Cups music video she made with Video Star.

Fetch: Before we move along to the review, you can watch it here:

Gatsby: First, let’s talk about the song choice. Is this not a theme song for all dogs everywhere when their owners take off on vacations and leave them at home all alone. Yeah, we do miss you when you’re gone.

Fetch: Gatsby, this video has nothing to do with that. This is about a singing cat, planning to leave while her friends bang cups on a table. By the way, I’d like to give a shout out to Reagan who did a great job lip syncing in this video. I think we should nominate her for the Beanie Boo Lip Syncing Award (BBLSA) this year.

Gatsby: Is that a thing?

Fetch: It is now!

Gatsby: Ok, apparently we’re going to be giving out a lip syncing award to the Beanie Boo who does the best lip syncing in 2017! Stay tuned.

Fetch: I loved when the taco graphic appeared on the screen. That was really clever.

Gatsby: It made me hungry.

Fetch: I’d like to add that it was great to see Slush, Cancun and Dill in the video playing with the cups.

Gatsby: And Rainbow. Every video needs a unicorn.

Fetch: The tail wagging was cool.

Gatsby: Yes, very cool.

Fetch: Can we add a message to this review that we really want to do an exclusive interview with the Goonie Show?

Gatsby: Goonie Show girl if you read this, send us a message on contact us with your email address. We need to do an interview with you.

Fetch: I give this 5 barks!

Gatsby: Me too, 5 barks all the way.

Fetch: More dogs next time though, ok?

Gatsby: And more tacos.

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