How to Host a Beanie Boo-Themed Birthday Party

Having a Beanie Boo Birthday party is fun and easy. Below are ideas for party crafts, games and activities, food and party favors. Make sure to tell your guests to bring their favorite Beanie Boo to the party!

Before choosing specific activities, you can choose a major theme. Here are a few ideas:

Beanie Boo Adoption Party Theme: With this theme, the guests are invited to adopt a Beanie Boo. You will have a Beanie Boo for each child, an adoption certificate and other activities related to getting a new pet.

Bring Your Beanie Boo Party: This theme encourages children to bring their favorite Beanie Boo with them and the activities will be centered around the children and the Beanie Boo. With this party theme, the Beanie Boos are treated as guests at the party, along with their owners.

Beanie Boo Crafts

There’s lots of fun Beanie Boo crafts that we can recommend for birthday parties:

Collar Making

Buy a big box of beads and some elastic string at the craft store. Have the guest string together collars for their Beanie Boos. If you buy inexpensive alphabet beads, guests add the name to the collar.

Collar Making Birthday Party Craft (Source: Rhonda Klenk)

Clothing Design

Gather felt, pipe cleaners, feathers and anything sparkly, along with some cut up old clothes or fabric samples from the local craft store and set your guests loose on designing unique Beanie Boo Fashion. Make it a competition and have your guests vote on the best design.

Beanie Boo House Craft

Rhonda Klenk in Australia came up with this great idea: have your party guests turn white Chinese food boxes into colorful Beanie Boo houses with markers.

Transform Chinese take-out boxes into Beanie Boo houses

Coloring Page Placemats

Download and print Beanie Boo Coloring Pages. Provide the guests with markers and have them color a Beanie Boo. Laminate before cake time and have each child eat off their own Beanie Boo placemat.

Coloring Pages available at Beanie Boo Fan Club at the above link.

Make Beanie Boo Masks

Download mask templates from or have the guests make their own masks. Take pictures of guests wearing Beanie Boo masks.

Beane Boo Face Mask Templates

Beanie Boo Games & Activities

Hide & Seek

Hide Beanie Boos around the house and have your guests search for them.

Beanie Boo Adoption

Set up an adoption station, have your guests choose a Beanie Boo and fill out an adoption certificate.

Beanie Boo Video Screening

Screen your favorite Beanie Boo videos for your guests watch. Here are our recommendations for the best Beanie Boo Videos.

Beanie Boo Music Video Production

Have your guests work together and make a Beanie Boo Music Video using the free app: Video Star. Or borrow tablets from a few families and make it a movie making competition. Vote on the winner.

Beanie Boo Bingo

Make your own Bingo cards or download them from Play Bingo and award prizes to the winners.


Party Food

Consider offering pet bowls (dollar store) of food for various Beanie Boos. Include a sign or position a Beanie Boo at each food bowl.

  • Cats: Swedish Fish
  • Birds: Gummy worms
  • Monkeys: Banana chips
  • Dogs: Malted Milk Balls look like dog food if sitting in a dog dish
  • Bunnies: Baby carrots
  • Lions: Animal crackers

Check Pinterest for cake and cupcake ideas.

Beanie Boo Cakes

Beanie Boo Cake: Leona

This incredible Beanie Boo cake was made by Lisa Baker. Lisa offers up a few tips to building a Beanie Boo Cake:

  • Use a butter cake dome tin and square tin
  • Use boards to stabilize the head
  • Frost the cake
  • Use the grass tip to create a furry effect

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional – you can still try to create a 2-dimensional Beanie Boo on top of a cake, using the grass tip with a tube of frosting. Or just recreate the big sparkly eyes and make a “big eyes” cake.

You can also make a more generic cake and put your child’s favorite Beanie Boo on the top, like this one made by Rhonda Klenk in Australia.

Beanie Boo Cake

Party Favors

Fabric Samples as Blankets

Craft store fabric sample packs can provide an inexpensive and fun party favor: Beanie Boo blankets.

Beanie Boo Fan Club thanks Rhonda Klenk for this great idea.

Beanie Boo Birth Certificates

If you are giving a Beanie Boo as a party favor, provide your guests with an adoption certificate or Beanie Boo Birthday Certificate.

Beanie Boo Birth Certificate Image

Here’s a list of inexpensive party favors:

  • Beanie Boo Pencils, $1 each on Amazon
  • Beanie Boo Stickers, $6 for 96 stickers (pack could be broken up)
  • Beanie Boo Keychains look cute clipped to party bags. They can be purchased for as low as $2.99 each online and in stores.
  • Medium-sized Beanie Boos are going to cost about $5.00 each. It might be easier to order the same animal for all party goers to avoid children fighting over specific ones.

beanie boo pencils Beanie Boo Stickers

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