How to Make a Magnetic Doll House for Your Beanie Boos

Do you like doing Beanie Boo crafts? This one will help you make a house that is big enough for your Beanie Boos and that is easy to modify with the changing tastes of your Beanies.

Making a magnetic doll house for your toys is fun and easy. Magnetized walls allow you to easily change wall papers, and hang fun accessories like big screen tvs, framed photos and other wall art.

1. Start With an IKEA Wooden Doll House, FLISAT (IKEA Hack)


With this project, we started with a simple IKEA wooden house (FLISAT). This doll house costs $29.99 and you can buy it online.

2. Paint Your House with Martha Stewart’s Magnetic Paint

Next, we purchased Martha Stewart magnetic paint from This paint costs roughly $5.00 per bottle. We needed two bottles to cover every surface of the dollhouse with 2 coats of paint. The more coats you apply, the stronger the magnetic pull.

The paint is gray and you can cover it with regular paint later. The magnetic properties should remain through a top-coat of regular paint.

We got some painting help from the home’s future residents.

Beanie Boos bunnies painting a doll house

3. Purchase Magnetic Sheets

You can buy thin sheets of magnet from Amazon, your local craft store or Walmart. They should cost around $2.00-$3.00 per sheet. They come in various sizes and some have adhesive, making it easier for you to affix wall paper and other accessories to it.

For wall paper, we bought a variety of scrap book paper sheets, cut them to fit the walls, and then affixed the magnet to the back.

This way, we could change the wallpaper depending on how we wanted the house to be decorated.

We used felt sheets for the flooring.

4. Decorate and Re-decorate

Here you can see our paw print wall paper affixes to the wall with magnets, making it easy to apply and easy to remove.

Magnetic doll house with wallpaper

easy to remove wall paper from magnetic doll house

The fun of a magnetic doll house is that it is perpetually re-configurable. With paper, glue and magnets we can change up the interior based on our heart’s desires. This house can just as easily become a haunted house, a Christmas workshop for elves, or a school. It can be a Beanie Boo house, a My Little Pony house, or a Littlest Pet Shop house. All it takes is imagination.

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