Interview with Beanie Boo Video Producer: Beanie Boo Girl

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. This is Safari and I’m SO EXCITED to share the news. Beanie Boo Fan Club has just interviewed Youtube Beanie Boo Producer: Beanie Boo Girl!

For those of you not familiar with her work, Beanie Boo Girl has produced over 80 videos, has more than 2000 subscribers and over 350,000 video views on YouTube. Here is a link to Beanie Boo Girl’s YouTube Channel.

She has a passion for Beanie Boos and we at the fan club are so honored to interview here.

SAFARI: Thank you for agreeing to the interview. We Boos absolutely Love watching our friends in your videos. Tell us, what inspired you to become a Youtube video producer?

BEANIE BOO GIRL: As soon as I fell in love with Beanie Boos back in Summer 2014, I immediately checked the web to see if people posted about them. Sure enough they did, and I found Cutie Juliet who inspired me to make videos!

SAFARI: Do you have any tips for someone interested in making their own Beanie Boo Videos?

BEANIE BOO GIRL:  I think it’s very important  to be yourself and make your own video and not to copy anybody else. The first video I recommend making to really kick start your channel are probably collections or  shopping.
SAFARI: What are your favorite videos that you’ve made so far?
BEANIE BOO GIRL: My favorite videos are my Hauls!

 SAFARI: Which are your favorite Beanie Boos?
BEANIE BOO GIRL:  My favorite Beanie Boo is Slick or Kooky!
SAFARI: How do your Beanie Boos feel about being in your videos?
BEANIE BOO GIRL: They love preforming but sometimes other get jealous of Slick because he is in every video!
SAFARI: We’ve taken a look at several of your videos and we’re starting to think that maybe you ARE Slick. Case in point:

SAFARI: Finally, how do your Beanie Boos feel about becoming YouTube stars?
BEANIE BOO GIRL:  They are all very humble about becoming “stars!”
SAFARI: Thank you so much for this interview. We encourage all of our readers to subscribe to Beanie Boo Girl and enjoy her wonderful videos.
BEANIE BOO GIRL:  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! Thank you so much for watching my videos.

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