How to Tie Dye Your Beanie Boo: Another Beanie Boo Craft

Customizing a Beanie Boo is fun and easy to do. This is also an inexpensive craft (with keychains) to do at a Beanie Boo-themed birthday party.

Here’s what you need:

  • A Beanie Boo keychain or bigger size (light colored fur is easiest to work with). Here’s a list of good ones to use: Piggley, Duke, Tundra, Gatsby, Iceberg, Twinkle, Nugget, Marcel, Cookie, Pippie)
  • Fabric markers. You can buy them at a craft store, Walmart or Target, or online at
  • An imagination.

Check out our video demonstrating this fun Beanie Boo craft: How to Tie Dye Your Beanie Boo.

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