Beanie Boo Unicorns: Everything You Need to Know

Pegasus and Wishfull Beanie Boo Unicorns

Beanie Boo unicorns can be so mysterious! Most Beanie Boo owners have experience with cats and dogs in the real world. But most owners have never played with, fed or hugged a real unicorn.

This is exactly why we felt it important to publish a guide to Beanie Boo unicorns.

Who Are the Beanie Boo Unicorns?

Here is the list of Beanie Boo unicorns. How many do you have?


Pixy Beanie Boo Unicorn









Pixy is a white unicorn with a golden horn, rainbow colored ears and hooves. Pixy is the only Beanie Boo with rainbow colored sparkly big eyes. Pixy’s birthday is May 26. Pixy is a new 2017 Beanie Boo – she’s just been released.










Fantasia is a pink, blue an yellow unicorn, with golden hooves, ears and eyes. Fantasia’s birthday is May 8.


Magic Beanie









Magic is a pink unicorn with purple hooves, horn, ears and purple sparkly eyes. Magic’s birthday is September 20.


Pegasus is a white unicorn with golden eyes, gold hooves, ears and horn. Pegasus’s birthday is November 12.











Rainbow is a purple Beanie Boo unicorn with pink eyes, hooves ears and horn. Rainbow’s birthday is May 3.


Skylar Beanie Boo Unicorn








Skylar is a unicorn with pink, green and blue patches, a pink horn, pink hooves and ears and a pink mane. Skylar was born on November 20.

Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie is a light pink unicorn with dark pink spots, pink sparkly ears, hooves, eyes and horn. Sugar Pie’s birthday is March 3.


Treasure is an aqua and green unicorn with sparkly pink eyes, hooves and ears. Treasure also has a pink horn. Treasure’s birthday is January 15.


Wishful is a pink, green and blue spotted unicorn with purple hooves, ears and and a purple mane. Wishful’s birthday is November 10.

Do Beanie Boo Unicorns Have Magical Powers?

One question on the top of everyone’s mind is whether or not Beanie Boo unicorns have magical powers. To find out the answer, we asked Wishful, Magic and Treasure. They all started giggling, looking down at the ground and kicking their hooves around. Like other unicorns throughout history, I guess Beanie Boo unicorns are shy to reveal their powers, but with names like “Magic” and “Pixy,” we’re pretty sure they can do some amazing things with their horns.

What Do Beanie Boo Unicorns Like to Eat?

The picture at the top of this page pretty much sums it up: SUGAR! If you notice a sudden disappearance of cookies, donuts or candy once a Beanie Boo unicorn moves in, don’t blame your little brother. It’s the unicorns who are known to raid the kitchen in the middle of the night for sweets.

Here’s a list of their top five favorite foods:

  1. Donuts
  2. Sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles
  3. Red licorice
  4. Frosting
  5. Cotton Candy

Whatever you do, don’t feed a Beanie Boo unicorn any of these foods. Despite the fact the look like horses, they do not like to graze or eat green foods.

  1. Grass
  2. Leaves
  3. Lettuce
  4. Carrots
  5. Apples

What do Beanie Boo Unicorns like to do for Fun?

If you are lucky enough to have a Beanie Boo unicorn for a companion, you are in for a good time. These crazy animals love to have a good time. Here is a list of their favorite things to do:

  1. Dance
  2. Hang out with other beanie boos and other beanie boo owners
  3. Write and share riddles
  4. Snuggle while watching TV with their owners
  5. Play on playgrounds

Beanie Boo Unicorn Coloring Page

If you like coloring Beanie Boo unicorns and other Beanie Boo animals, check out our Beanie Boo coloring page for free downloadable Beanie Boo art that you can print out and color.