Video Review: Beanie Boo Studios “A Night with the Leopards”

Fetch and Gatsby here to review one of Beanie Boo Studio’s latest releases, “A Night with the Leopards.” Have a look:

Fetch: First of all, I want to say that Beanie Boo Studios has the best sets of any beanie boo videos I’ve ever seen. These kitchens and bedrooms are amazing! I love the simple white walls, the pictures hung up, and the furniture. The accessories are fantastic too – especially the Apple laptop and the small pencils. The beds look very soft and comfortable.

Gatsby: I agree. Beanie Boo Studios, can you build me a doghouse?

Fetch: Gatsby! We’re supposed to be reviewing the video!

Gatsby: Sorry. I have to make one complaint: too many felines, not enough canines!

Fetch: Must you always bring this up? Not every video has to have dogs!

Gatsby: Ok. My favorite part was when Jewel was doing flips and she knocked everything over.

Fetch: Yes, Gatsby. The stop motion animation in this video was really good. Especially that scene, where her flip knocked over several things in the room. Very professionally done.

Gatsby: And the dance scene – that was really good too. The coordinated tails and paws – very, very good. I got spooked at the end when the lights started turning off and on.

Fetch: This is a good video to watch during Halloween. The scary music in the beginning put my tail between my legs.

Gatsby: One thing that confused me – aren’t cats nocturnal? Why do they have to go to bed? I thought they slept during the day.

Fetch: This is a comedy, not a documentary, Gatsby.

Gatsby: Good point.

Fetch: So, how many barks?

Gatsby: I give it 4 barks. Would have given it 5 if there was at least one dog in it.

Fetch: For me, 5 barks. This video was fantastic. Roof! Roof!

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