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Fetch and Gatsby Review The Goonie Show’s Cups Music Video

Our first (hopefully of many) reviews of a Goonie Show video. We hope you enjoy watching this and reading our review.

Goonie Show Cups Music Video

Review of Cutie Juliet Video Starring Beaks the Toucan

Woo hoo! Cutie Juliet videos are aback after over a year break! Check out this awesome video staring Beaks the Toucan and a real, live Toucan.

Beaks meets baby bird

Beanie Boo Solar Eclipse Safety Video

Check out Professor Louie’s solar eclipse safety video. Find out how you can experience the solar eclipse safely and how to make an eclipse viewing station out of a cereal box and tin foil.

Solar Eclipse Safety Video

Grounded by Beanie Boo Studios

Another stop-motion animation video from Beanie Boo Studios about a crazy unicorn family. These girls have got the details down when it comes to making Beanie Boo sets and accessories.

Beanie Boo Studios Screen Shot


Better While I’m Dancing by CoCo Crazy

Find out what Fetch and Gatsby think about CoCo Crazy’s video: Better While I’m Dancing. You’ll be amazed by the special effects! Stop Motion Animation, Cool lighting and ultra creative editing make this Beanie Boo video a must see!

Beanie Boo Video Better While I'm Dancing

Beanie Boo Video Review: The Struggles of Shy Girls

Fetch and Gatsby review BojiTV’s Beanie Boo video: The Struggles of Shy Girls, staring Precious, the dog.

Youtube Video Struggles Shy Girls Face

Fetch & Gatsby: Beanie Boo Fan Club’s Official YouTube Video Reviewers

Gatsby and Fetch Review Videos

Meet to pups, Fetch & Gatsby, who love watching YouTube videos and arguing about them. See which videos get 5 Barks from our official video reviewers.








Interview with Beanie Boo Video Producer: Beanie Boo Girl

Beanie Boo Girl VideosFind out what inspires Beanie Boo video queen, Beanie Boo girl in this exclusive Beanie Boo fan club video. Interview by Safari.





Some of Our Favorite Beanie Boo Videos on YouTube
Banana and frog

Check out these hilarious Beanie Boo videos: the fan club’s picks for best Beanie Boo videos on YouTube.



How to Make a Magnetic Doll House for Your Beanie Boos
Magnetic doll house with wallpaper

This is a great craft and a fun way to make a house with easily changeable wallpaper and carpeting.